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January 16th, 2024

The final stages are being finished for the upcoming album "CORN RITUAL"! More news very soon!

January 1st, 2024

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in 2024 with good health and lots of love!

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Unleashing Metal Mayhem since 2015!

We are Fragmentum, hailing from Lokeren, Belgium, brings a fresh spin to the metal scene, intertwining melodic darkness with a modern edge. Established in 2015 by Jan Bruggeman (vocals, guitar) and Gunnar Nopens (guitar), the band ignited from a spark of inspiration on a night fueled by compelling tunes. They've since welcomed Jeroen Van Wauwe wielding the bass, with Wouter Macaré delivering dynamic beats on drums during their live performances.

Described as a fusion where Depeche Mode collides with In Flames, Fragmentum's sound is an innovative meld of haunting melodies, atmospheric synths, and a solid groove-laden riff foundation that challenges the boundaries of genre.

With a contract now inked with Gio Smet Records, Fragmentum is set to captivate listeners with an anticipated EP. Prior to this partnership, the band has independently dropped powerful singles like “Crib Of Sacrifice”, “Tacit Silent Snake”, and “The Cougar”.

Their full-length concept album “Masters Of Perplexity”, released in 2021, is a deep dive into Mayan history and philosophy, unveiled to fans across a European tour with a focus on Eastern Europe. This followed their 2019 debut album “Pugnacity”, which established the core of Fragmentum's identity with more direct narratives exploring the tumultuous inner battles that resonate with many.

Sharing the stage with genre titans such as Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, Soulfly, and Annihilator, Fragmentum is not just another band—they're a growing force, crafting a path that's both uniquely their own and strikingly universal. Keep an ear to the ground—Fragmentum is redefining the sonic landscape of modern metal.


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Crib Of Sacrifice

(single - 2023)

Quirigua Successors

(single - 2022)

Tacit Silent Snake (single - 2023)

Masters Of Perplexity (Album- 2021)

The Cougar

(single - 2023)


(Album- 2019)


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Digipack album


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